Audition & career Coaching

Matthew holds an MFA from the prestigious old globe and is on the acting faculty at the New York film academy.

Matthew is available for private audition and career coaching.

Rates vary upon time and location. Contact for details and scheduling.

Skype and Facetime Coaching is Available.


“Matt always provides a safe place to work and gives direction and feedback that takes my work to the next level. Always gives me the confidence that I’ve found all the nuggets a scene has to offer”

Paul Tigue, Los Angeles.

“I think you’ve been one of the best instructors in NYFA we’ve (or at least I have) ever had and I’ve learned so much from you!”

Jennifer Belmonte, Los Angeles.

“Matt is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had - if not THE best. He is so knowledgable and helpful — I always leave feeling prepared and confident. His coaching style helps you find the answers yourself, as opposed to micromanaging the performance. He is equally insightful about how to win the room and overcome nerves as he is about preparing the material. I sought Matt out as a coach and he’s become a great friend in the process.  I credit him with so many roles, call backs and good feedback that I’ve received over the last year.  His impressive training is just the tip of the iceberg. I would recommend Matthew to anyone, at any level.”

Cameron Kelly, Los Angeles.

”Matt is fantastic!   What makes him so good as a coach is his ability to specifically and meticulously identify the beats and motivations and actions of a scene and to get you to hone your own work into the core of those particulars.  He is very good at encouraging you to experiment and try different possibilities and choices, which helps open up your natural instincts and gets you to a place where your personal truth shines out within a scene.  Matt helps you get your work out of the general and into the specific.  He helps you find choices that are interesting and dynamic and that will make your work stand out from the rest.”

Mark McClain Wilson, Los Angeles

“I have worked both one-on-one as well as in a classroom setting with Matthew Bellows. His feedback is continually constructive and beneficial in strengthening my performance and my confidence. He takes the work seriously, but also makes sure the process is enjoyable, which creates a perfectly balanced setting for learning and growing. Matthew’s wealth of experience has shaped him into a talented artist and an outstanding coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hone their skills and take their craft to the next level!”

Amanda Markowitz. Los Angeles.

“When I worked with Matt, he raised the level of my work to new heights. He has an amazing understanding of text, and how to approach each actor as an individual. His intuition on how to open up an actor is amazing, and as a working actor himself, he has a ton of insight into the industry’s demands while maintaining the artist integrity of the individual.”

Briana Price, Los Angeles